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Notification of acquisition of the genetic resources in Japan


This page shows the documents concerning the acquisition of genetic resources in Japan as specified in Chapter 5 of the ABS Guidelines which entered into force on August 20, 2017. NITE is authorized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as the organization which issues the documents. NITE issues a document called the “Notification of acquisition of the genetic resources in Japan” upon request.

Conditions for issuance

All of the following conditions must be met for the issuance of the notification.

Fees and Forms

Process Forms Examples Instructions Fee*
New issuance Application
[word 40KB]
[word 42KB]
[PDF 274KB]
[PDF 197KB]
[PDF 168KB]
[PDF 85KB]
JPY 22,000
Re-issuance Application
[word 40KB]
Application Manual
【PDF 582KB】
Application Manual
【PDF 582KB】
JPY 6,000
Revision Application
[word 40KB]
Application for Revision
JPY 6,000
Change of Intent for
Posting on Website
[word 38KB]
No fee
Invalidation Application
[word 39KB]
No fee
*Tax excluded
*Fees are paid for per application

List of the issued notifications

The list of the “Notification of acquisition of the genetic resources” issued is available here.

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