Biological Resource Center, NITE (NBRC)

Access to foreign microorganisms


As part of the mission of NBRC, we have been exploring novel microorganisms in nature and promoting industrial utilization of microbial resources preserved at NBRC.

Bilateral Relation with Asian Nations

Phot.1 Based on the Convention on Biological Diversity, we conclude memorandums of understanding(MOU) ,project agreements(PA) and material transfer agreements(MTA) with other nations to establish systems for efficient utilization of genetic resources and for fair and equitable benefit sharing.

Country Information on CBD and related laws and rules

cbdアイコン NBRC introduce CBD and related laws and rules.

Asian Consortium (ACM)

Phot.2 The Asian Consortium for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Microbial Resources (ACM) was established in 2004 by representatives of 12 Asian countries at the occasion of the 10th International Congress on Culture Collections (ICCC-10) at Tsukuba, Japan.

Symposium and Workshop

Phot.1 NBRC hosts international symposiums and workshops in collaboration with Biological Resource Centers (BRCs) in Asia and Europe.

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