Chemical Management

Analysis of PRTR data

Breakdown of FY2015 PRTR Data

Result of FY2015 PRTR Data

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Comparison Previous Year

The comparison reports show the trend of the reported data by substances and industries.

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PRTR map

The PRTR map is composed of the released amount map and the concentration map. The released amount map displays the released amount on municipality basis. The concentration map is based on the reported data of environmental release and the estimated release amount which were not reported under the PRTR system, the concentrations in the atmosphere were estimated by an atmosphere model (AIST-ADMER). This model takes weather data and physical properties into account. The results are shown on a 5km×5km or 1km×1km grid map.

Operation screen(Japanese and English)

Operation screen(Japanese and English)

Use of the PRTR map

NITE introduced the chemical management using the PRTR map in the 2nd Global round table on pollutant Release and Transfer Registers (24 November 2015) .The Global Round Table on PRTRs was organized under the auspices of UNECE and OECD in cooperation with UNITAR and UNEP.

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