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Press release 2008.04.07 [NITE releases Product Safety Handbook for consumers]


NITE releases Product Safety Handbook for consumers

National Institute of Technology and Evaluation
Life and Welfare Technology Center
April 7, 2008

The National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE) announced today the release of its new product safety handbook (Mi-mamori Handbook) to enlighten consumers about protecting themselves from hazards involving consumer products.

1. Press release

Release date:
April 7, 2008
Publication of consumer product safety handbook (Mi-mamori Handbook)
Product Safety Technology Center
NITE has released today a new publication "Mi-mamori Handbook" to promote consumer product safety. NITE is to enlighten consumers about product safety in accordance with the contents of the Handbook.
Download the Handbook at (Available in Japanese only)
<Summary of the Handbook>
Of the accident reports NITE collected from FY2003 to FY2006, more than 50% of all accident cases for which investigations have been completed were determined to be "accident caused by factors not attributable to the product".
These accidents include many cases caused by "misuse of the product or negligence," which suggests that quite a few accidents would be avoidable when consumer products are used with caution.
The handbook features 49 sample cases including frequently recurring cases and accidents caused by newly introduced products, with details and causes of the accidents in various daily life scenarios (e.g. kitchen/dining, bathroom, living room/study, bedroom, outdoor/leisure), and also gives consumers advice for matters to be considered.
Press briefing paper in Japanese [PDF:192KB]

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