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NITE Product Safety PR magazine, “Life and Safety Journal”


"Life and Safety Journal" is a PR magazine of NITE designed to provide comprehensive information on product safety.
NITE expects this magazine to help various types of readers; businesses with risk assessment techniques for product development, research institutions with product safety studies and PL centers with conflict solutions; and consequently to contribute to providing consumers with safer products and a secure and safe life.

Vol.12 (November 2011)

Feature: How to Deal with Human Error
-Checking the NITE Database — Accidents caused by problems with the product and method of Use
-What universal designed products can prevent product accidents?
-Preventing product accidents at the design stage
- Preventing Product Accidents― Establishing and applying company standards, and building up a solid system in the company
Safety Regulations
-Reviewing safety regulation systems to correspond to new technologies and products advancing day by day
NITE's Safety viewpoint
-Product Product accident trends (April to December 2010)
-Company announcements and Recalls (April 2010 to March 2011)
Safety Research
-Aging Deterioration and Product Safety — Estimating and accounting for aging deterioration at the development and design stage (No. 3)
Analysis of statements on product safety in the government curriculum guidelines for high schools and explanations released in 2009 (home economics) no.1/2
Product Safety News― Easy-to-Use goods should be also used sensibly
-Accident data in figures "514"

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