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Prevention of winter accidents involving electric kotatsu, electric carpets, and hot water bags
Prevention of accidents involving power cords and wiring appliances
Prevention of accidents involving kerosene heaters
Prevention of accidents involving children at home
Prevention of accidents involving care beds etc. at the site of care
Prevention of accidents involving lighting equipment
Prevention of accidents involving batteries
Prevention of accidents involving air conditioners and electric fans
Prevention of accidents involving dryers and dehumidifiers
Prevention of accidents involving microwaves and products used in combination with microwaves

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Prevention of accidents involving ladders, stepladders, etc.
Prevention of accidents involving snowplows
Prevention of accidents involving electric kotatsu, hot water bags, etc.
Prevention of accidents involving heating appliances
Prevention of accidents involving gas stoves etc.
Preventing Bicycle Accidents (Promoting Consumer Awareness)
Preventing Accidents Involving Snow Plows
Preventing Accidents Involving Heaters
Preventing Accidents Involving Children Playing with Lighters
Preventing Accidents Involving Induction Cooking Stoves
Preventing Accidents Involving Portable Gas Cartridge Stoves
Preventing Accidents Involving Air Conditioners
Preventing Fires Involving Electric Fans
Preventing Product Accidents during the Post-disaster Recovery Period

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Preventing Accidents Caused by Improper Use of Cords and Power Distribution Adaptors
Preventing Clothing Ignition Accidents
Preventing Accidents Involving Kotatsu Heaters
Preventing Accidents Involving Electric Heaters
Preventing Accidents Involving Kerosene Bath Boilers, Kerosene Water Heaters and Dual fuel Heaterss
Preventing Accidents Involving Spray Cans
Prevention of accidents due to improper use of gas cocks, their connecting tools and relatives
Prevention of accidents due to aging deterioration of fans and air conditioners (Re-promotion of consumer' awareness)
Prevention of accidents due to electric wheel chairs with handles
Notice of conclusion of the agreement on cooperation for product safety activities between NITE and Bic Camera Incorporated
Prevention of fire accidents with fans and vent fans due to aging deterioration and etc.
Prevention of fire accidents with grills of gas cooking stoves
Prevention of accidents with lighters

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Release of Accidents Arising from Improper Use or Human Error"
Release of "The cause discovery manual 2010 for fire accidents with home electric appliances"
Prevention of accidents with portable gas stoves
Prevention of accidents due to disconnected power cords
Prevention of accidents with heating appliances
Prevention of "low temperature burn injuries"
Prevention of accidents with bicycles
Prevention of sudden boiling (bumping) accidents during cooking
About washable pet bottle caps with straws
Prevention of accidents due to IH stoves (electromagnetic cookers) and gas cooking stoves
Prevention of accidents due to aging deterioration of CRT-based TVs

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Prevention of accidents with products of aging deterioration(For promoting consumers' awareness)
Prevention of accidents with halogen heaters (electric heaters)
Prevention of accidents related to products for winter use
Prevention of fire involving Electric Cooking Stoves with protruding switch knobs
Prevention of explosion accidents involving Portable Cooking Stoves
Joint Product Safety Program for working people with Japan Housewives' Association
Survey report on Colored Contact Lenses for non-vision-correction-purpose
Survey Report on Sandal Entrapment Accidents in Escalators
Release of Product Safety Handbook for consumers
Release of Mobility Scooters Safety Study Results

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Alert: Halogen heaters imported and distributed by Daio International Japan
Launch of the Study Group for Mobility Scooter Safety
FY2006 Accident Information Report
Alert: Charcoal Briquettes Kotatsu and Kerosene Water Heater Recalls
Alert: To avoid hazards related to Electric Heaters
Update of Recall/Company Announcement information database
Product Safety Seminar jointly hosted with METI
Alert: Sandals can pose a danger on escalators
Alert: Halogen heaters imported and distributed by BAN-YU and Self-ignition hazard by Waste Cloth infiltrated with Coating Material

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Results of Microwavable Foot Warmers Test
Alert: Ignition of Electric (Halogen) Heaters
Alert: Skin Entrapment with Swimming Trunks
Alert: Desk Pad may pose Skin Lesion Hazard
New Partnership with CPSC
FY2005 Accident Information Report
Alert: Fire and other hazards relating to Remote Controlled Electric Heaters
Accident cause investigation for Matsushita's FF Kerosene Heaters

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