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Press release 2012.07.19 [Prevention of accidents involving batteries]

Prevention of accidents involving batteries

National Institute of Technology and Evaluation
Product Safety Technology Center
July 19, 2012

NITE (National Institute of Technology and Evaluation; President: Itaru Yasui) gave a presentation for the media on preventing accidents involving batteries as shown in the attached materials.

1. Press release

Release date:
July 19, 2012
Prevention of accidents involving batteries
Product Safety Technology Center
Batteries are used in various products, such as home electric appliances, their accessories, toys, and cell phones. Many of the accidents involving batteries are caused by the products themselves. However, caution is required as there are also accidents caused by improper use and carelessness, which could be prevented otherwise.
Of the product accidents reported to the NITE Product Safety Technology Center, the number of accidents involving batteries (*1) amounted to 557 (*2) for the period from fiscal 2007 to 2011. As for damage, 5 cases involved serious injury, 89 cases involved minor injury, and 220 cases involved spread damage (*3). Of these, 3 cases involved a fire (*4). Accidents involving batteries caused by improper use and carelessness have been reported every year. We urge you to take note of safe and proper use of the products to prevent such accidents.
General-purpose removable dry batteries and button batteries that are mainly used in the home and batteries that are used in specific products (e.g., portable music players, cell phones, and laptop computers). Car batteries and batteries for electric bicycles and wheelchairs are not included.
The figure is as of May 31, 2012, and was compiled on a "date of occurrence" basis, excluding duplicate and inapplicable information.
The NITE uses the term "spread damage" to refer to damage not limited to the product body alone (product damage) but spreading to the surrounding products and building.
A "fire" here refers to burning of a part or more of the building and fittings such as walls, tatami, and fusuma.
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National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE)
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