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Microbial Genomic DNA Clones


NBRC is distributing to both academia and industries copies of the microbial genomic DNA clones constructed during the course of each of the genomic DNA sequencing project. Ordering procedure of the genomic DNA clones is shown below of this page.

Genomic clones of the following microorganisms will be distributed;
Organism NBRC No. Database Comments
100959 [DOGAN] i) See Appendix A.
ii) See Appendix C.
iii) Clone information is available at DOGAN.
  [DOGAN] i) See Appendix B.
ii) See Appendix C.
  [DOGAN] i) See Appendix B.
ii) See Appendix C.
  [DOGAN] i) See Appendix B.
ii) See Appendix C.
Appendix A
The clones were originally prepared as a BAC library (aboout 100kbp) for sequencing purpose.
Appendix B
Since the clones were originally prepared for shot-gun sequencing purpose and the average length of cloned DNA fragments is as short as 1-2 kb, your requested genes/ORFs may possibly be divided into more than one clone. In such a case, please understand that the fee will be multiplied by the number of clones.
Appendix C
If a clone contains gene/ORF stipulated in Article 48(1) of the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act, we cannot distribute it to outsite of Japan. For details, please refer to the following documents at the web site of the Japanese Cabinet Secretariat:
Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act [PDF:External Link]
Foreign Exchange Order [PDF:External Link]
Export Trade Control Order [PDF:External Link]

Ordering Microbial Genomic DNA Clones

1. Distribution Policy

Distribution of the microbial genomic DNA clones to domestic and foreign institutions for research purposes will be subject to the regulations of Japanese Ministries. We shall ship our microbial genomic DNA clones to all countries except for those restricted by Japanese government.

2. Confirm genes/ORFs

You can refer to DOGAN for the clone names of A. oryzae RIB40.
If you are interested in obtaining any clones of other microorganisms listed above, please send the names of the genes/ORFs to:

3. Reply from NBRC

We shall then inform you of the clones containing your requesting genes/ORFs and associated information by e-mail to which the "Order Sheet (DNA Resource)/Agreement of Biological Resource Transfer and Treatment" necessary for clone transfer will be attached. It will take a few days to process your inqury, because we have to check and confirm the clones to meet your request.

4. Fill Order Sheet (DNA Resource)

Please review the agreement, and if it would be acceptable for you to order the clone(s). Please state "Name of DNA Resources (NBRC No. etc)" of the Order Sheet (DNA Resource) the clone names exactly. Order Sheet (DNA Resource) [Word:162KB] The signature of "Order Sheet (DNA Resource)"must be handwritten.

5. Inquiry to NBRC

Please complete the Order Sheet (DNA Resource) and send it to the following address by postal mail, facsimile or e-mail. Order by telephone is currently not accepted.
If your government agency requires a document for importing our genomic DNA resource(s), please send us a necessary form or forms together with the Ordering form.

Biological Resource Center (NBRC)
National Institute of Technology and Evaluation
2-5-8 Kazusakamatari, Kisarazu-shi, Chiba, 292-0818 JAPAN


6. Payment

For price list, please click here.
We accept payment by bank remittance or credit card (VISA or Master). We do not accept payment by cash or check.

7. Shipping

We can ship the DNA resource(s) after verifying your payment.
We dispatch the DNA resource(s) as a dried pellet in a plastic tube by Express Mail Service (EMS).

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Depending on the culture, preservation conditions, judicial regulations, etc., DNA resource(s) will be either removed from the distribution list or modified for their distribution conditions without prior notice.

As stated in the "Agreement of Biological Resource Transfer and Treatment" mentioned above, the DNA resource(s) you have received from us should not be transferred to a third party.

We do not disclose your personal information to any third parties. If you have any questions concerning our DNA resources and/or related matters, please send an e-mail to: We cannot answer to your questions by telephone.

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