Biological Resource Center, NITE (NBRC)

Furnishing of a sample of NPMD/IPOD deposited microorganism based on the recognition of the deposit of microorganisms for the purpose of patent procedure between Japan and Taiwan


Any authority, natural person or legal entity who wants to request furnishing of a sample of any deposited microorganism of NPMD or IPOD (hereinafter referred to as “the requesting party”) based on the recognition, referred to in Memorandum between the Interchange Association(Japan) and the Association of East Asian Relations(Taiwan) for the Mutual Cooperation in the Field of Deposit of Microorganisms for the Purpose of Patent Procedure, would need to request furnishing of the sample, either;

- using form BP-11(request form for certified party) of NPMD or IPOD certified on in advance that the requesting party fulfills the requirements for furnishing of the microorganism under Taiwanese patent law by Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) with form BP-14-1(acknowledgement and agreement form) of NPMD or IPOD, or

- using form BP-12(request form for patent publication) of NPMD or IPOD in the case of a patent granted and published by TIPO with regard to the microorganism or the use thereof with a copy of the patent publication and form BP-14-1(acknowledgement and agreement form) of NPMD or IPOD.

Each form of NPMD or IPOD can be downloaded from the hyperlinks below.

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