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NITE Patent Microorganisms Depositary (NPMD)


The role of NITE Patent Microorganisms Depositary (NPMD) is to accept, preserve, and furnish patent microorganisms as an 'international depositary authority' as stipulated by the Budapest Treaty and as a depositary organization of Japan designated by Japan Patent Office.

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About NPMD

Relevance of the NPMD's activity

Aside from the distribution of biological resources, patent depositary is also an important task for a biological resource center (BRC) to protect intellectual properties of individuals. This has been commonly practiced in overseas BRCs such as ATCC and DSMZ.
Along this line, NITE Patent Microorganisms Depositary (NPMD) was established in April 2004 as one of the centers within the Department of Biotechnology of NITE (NITE-DOB). It has started to carry out its tasks as a depositary organization of Japan designated by the Japan Patent Office and at the same time as an 'international depositary authority' as stipulated by the Budapest Treaty.
NPMD is committed to protect the intellectual properties of depositors through the advanced technical assistance of the Biological Resource Center of NITE-DOB (NBRC)

The characteristic feature of depositary at NPMD

Until the establishment of NPMD, it was not possible in Japan to preserve patent microorganisms once their depositary terms have expired.
Of such microorganisms, NPMD will select those that appear to be still useful, and transfer them to NBRC if agreed by the depositors. They will then be preserved at NBRC and distributed to the public. This will open up a way to exploit further the functions of such microorganisms in research and development.

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Acceptable Microorganisms

Microorganisms to be deposited

We will accept only those organisms listed in the following table.

Bacteria Actinomycetes Archaea Yeasts Fungi
(in host or not in host)
(in host or not in host)
Animal Cell Embryos


Microorganisms to be deposited must be of biosafety level 2 or lower as defined by NITE-DOB. To obtain a list of microorganisms classified by their biosafety levels, please contact us by e-mail (
In the case of genetically modified organisms, they must be of P2 level or lower as stipulated by the ordinance 2004-001 jointly legislated by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports and the Ministry of the Environment, which is entitled 'Ministerial ordinance stipulating containment measures to be taken in type 2 use of LMOs for research and development'.

>>Japan Biosafety Clearing House(J-BCH)

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Amount and Storage Forms of Samples

Please deposit ampoules or tubes of the same lot of either L-dried, lyophilized or frozen microbial sample.

Kinds Forms Amount
Bacteria, Actinomycetes, Archaea, Yeasts, Fungi, Bacteriophages L-dried, lyophilized or frozen 10 ampoules/tubes
Plasmids dried or frozen 10 tubes
(100 ng each)
Animal Cell frozen 12 tubes
(1x106 cells each)
Embryos frozen 12 tubes
(12 embryos constitute one tube)

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Depositary Procedure

A flow chart

We will accept patent depositary as stipulated by the Budapest Treaty and in the way described in the chart shown below.
To obtain more information, please contact us by writing to the following address. We will then provide you with documents necessary for your application of patent depositary.


a flow of deposit


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Furnishing Procedure for Patent Microorganisms

A flow chart

We will furnish the requesting party with the deposited microorganisms according to rule 11 of the Budapest Treaty. A request for distribution will be accepted as shown in the following flow chart.

a flow of furnishing

Please note that the requesting third party should obtain authorization of the depositor or certification of the Industrial Property Office before requesting the particular microorganism. We will then notify the depositor that his/her deposited microorganism(s) will be sent to the third party.

Request forms

We accept requests for distribution only in the following forms. Please choose one that fits you best and submit it with your signature.

For request form authorized parties by the depositor
Form BP-10 for request File[Word:58KB] File[PDF:25KB]
Form BP-13 for acknowledgement, agreement
for furnishing and use of samples
File[Word:47KB] File[PDF:27KB]
For request from certificated parties by IPO
Form BP-11 for request File[Word:72KB] File[PDF:31KB]
Form BP-14-1 for acknowledgement, agreement
for furnishing and use of sample
File[Word:48KB] File[PDF:106KB]
For request based on Patent Publication (e.g. US)
Form BP-12 for request File[Word:52KB] File[PDF:18KB]
Form BP-14-1 for acknowledgement, agreement
for furnishing and use of sample
File[Word:48KB] File[PDF:106KB]

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Charges for depositary and Related

Category Price (yen)
(a) Storage (for 30 years) *1 original deposit 175,000
new deposit 33,000
(b) Issuance of attestation under Rule 8.2 3,000
(c) Issuing of a viability statement (i) if the viability test is to be carried out *1 29,000
(ii) based on the last viability test 3,000
(d) Furnishing of a sample *1*2 41,000
(e) Issuing of communication under Rule 7.6 3,000
  • *1 Japanese consumption tax will be charged for (a), (c) (i) and (d).
  • *2 To ship abroad, handling and delivery cost will be charged separately.

Methods of Payment

You can make a payment by bank transfer or by charging to your credit card (Visa or MasterCard will be accepted).

Contact us

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