Substances under the Chemical Substances Control Law

Existing chemical substances

Chemical substances that were manufactured or imported as a business at the time of the promulgation of the Chemical Substances Control Law 
(excluding those that were manufactured or imported for testing and research purposes and those that were manufactured or imported as reagents), 
and whose name has been given public notice pursuant to the Chemical Substances Control Law 
(Chemical substances listed in the list of Existing Chemical Substances). 
The chemical substances are regarded as general chemical substances pursuant to the provisions of Paragraph 7 of Article 2 of the current Law 
(excluding Priority Assessment Chemical Substances, Monitoring Chemical Substances, Class I Specified Chemical Substances, 
and Class II Specified Chemical Substances). 

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MITI No.* Chemical Substances Name
1-1 Silver borofluoride
1-2 Silver bromide
1-3 Silver cyanide
1-4 Silver chloride
1-5 Silver dichromate
1-6 Silver fluoride-ammonia complex salt
1-7 Silver iodide
1-8 Silver nitrate
1-9 Silver oxide
1-10 Silver sulfate
1-11 Silver selenide
1-12 Aluminum chloride
1-14 Aluminum fluoride
1-15 Aluminum fluorate
1-16 Lithium aluminum hydride
1-17 Aluminum hydroxide
1-19 Aluminum nitride
1-20 Aluminum nitrate
1-21 Sodium aluminate
1-22 Ultramarine
1-23 Aluminum oxide
1-24 Aluminum phosphate
1-25 Aluminum sulfate
1-26 Aluminum silicate
1-27 Calcium arsenate
1-29 Ammonium arsenate
1-31 Copper arsenate
1-33 Arsenic acid
1-34 Lead hydrogenarsenate
1-35 Arsenic trioxide
1-36 Diarsenic trisulfide
1-37 Zinc arsenide
1-38 Potassium cyanoaurate(I)
1-39 Barium borofluoride
1-40 Barium metaborate
1-41 Calcium borofluoride
1-42 Boron trichloride
1-43 Copper borofluoride
1-44 Boron trifluoride
1-45 Iron borofluoride
1-46 Fluoroboric acid
1-47 Ammonium borofluoride
1-48 Boron trifluoride-Ammonium complex
1-49 Boron trifluoride-Phosphoric acid complex
1-50 Indium borofluoride
1-51 Potassium borofluoride
1-52 Magnesium borofluoride
1-53 Sodium borofluoride
1-54 Nickel boride
1-55 Lead borofluoride
1-56 Tin borofluoride
1-57 Zinc borofluoride
1-58 Iron boride
1-59 Manganese borate
1-60 Ammonium borate
1-61 Sodium borohydride
1-63 Boric acid
1-64 Perboric acid
1-66 Potassium borate
1-67 Lithium borate
1-68 Boron nitride
1-69 Sodium borate
1-70 Sodium borosilicate
1-71 Boron trioxide
1-72 Boron phosphate
1-73 Zinc borate
1-75 Barium silicate
1-76 Barium stannate
1-77 Barium bromide
1-78 Barium carbonate
1-79 Barium chloride
1-80 Barium perchlorate
1-81 Barium chromate
1-82 Barium fluoride
1-83 Barium hydroxide
1-84 Barium manganate
1-85 Barium azide
1-86 Barium nitrate
1-87 Barium oxide
1-88 Barium peroxide
1-89 Barium sulfate
1-90 Barium selenate
1-91 Barium selenite
1-92 Barium titanate
1-93 Barium zirconate
1-94 Beryllium oxide
1-95 Bismuth oxychloride
1-96 Bismuth hydroxide
1-97 Bismuth nitrate
1-98 Bismuth oxide
1-99 Bismuth stannate
1-100 Bismuth titanate
1-101 Bismuth sulfide
1-102 Cadmium bromide
1-103 Cobalt bromide
1-104 Copper bromide
1-105 Hydrogen bromide
1-106 Ammonium bromide
1-107 Iodine bromide
1-108 Potassium bromide
MITI No.* Chemical Substances Name

1 - 100 of  922 total Results  / 10     Results per page Display


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