Consumer Product Safety

Accident Information Special News No.2

November 28, 1996

The Ministry of International Trade and Industry released (November 28, 1996) an accident of an oil heater of M & M Co., Ltd., which has a possibility of causing smoking and ignition due to the production problem so as to accelerate the actual effect of the recall of the heater and to protect the consumer.
If you have the following product, immediately stop using it and make contact with the store where you purchased it, or the following importer.

The appearance figure of the defective product

Name of Article STANZEX oil heater
Model SOH-1200L
Produced in China
Manufactured by Donguan-Shi Linggao Qiye Jituan Gongsi
Imported by M & M Co., Ltd.
Period of sales From September 1995 to December 1995
Number of heaters 826
Accident Occurrence Number 4 cases
Contact number of importer 0725-33-4557

1. Accident Occurrence Situations

While taking a nap, a user smelt something burnt and looked at the oil heater to find that the control box was burned down, the fire was spread to the curtain and the carpet, and the room inside was soot-covered.

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2. Causes of Accident

Fastening of a connecting cord connector for inside wiring of the control panel was weak and loose connection so that arc is generated in the cord connector by moving in being used and repeated energization.There is a risk of smoking and igniting from synthetic resin control panel and a power cord storage part.

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3. Recall State of Product

From December in 1996, the appropriate product was spontaneously recalled by the importer and 16,130 products, occupying 95%, were already recalled, however, 826 products are still floating around in the market.

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