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Accident Information Special News No.4

January 21, 1997

The Ministry of International Trade and Industry performed a test on an ignition accident of an electric radiant heater to confirm that the power cord has a possibility of causing smoking and igniting by the aging deterioration and ignition accidents from the power cords of household electronic products were frequently observed in the accident information collected by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry so that to contribute to the prevention of the ignition accident of the power cord from reoccurence, the Ministry determined to release the appropriate accident information.

If you have the following product, immediately inspect it, and if there is some failure, dispose it or make contact to the following sales agency and have it repaired (charge).

The accident occurrence situations and the accidental product are as follows.

1. Accident Occurrence Situations

A user used an electric radiant heater, which was purchased in1988, in a kitchen at about nine o'clock in the evening in January 26, 1996, turned off the switch, and was in the next room.At 5:40 in the morning, when the user went to the toilet, the heater ignited and the floor face was burned.

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2. Accident Item

Accident Item
Name of article Electric radiant heater
Model RH-B8
Produced in Japan
Manufactured by Union Electronic Co., Ltd.
Sold by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Period of Manufacture From July 1987 to November 1987
Number of production 53,967
Accident occurrence case 1

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3. Origin of Accident

The origin of the accident is estimated that the insulation of the coating was broken in the bushing part of the body power cord by the aging bending deterioration, and the core was short-circuited to cause the ignition.

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4. Measures

The appropriate electric radiant heater was used for a long time (about 8 years after the purchase) and the same model products under use were also estimated the aging bending deterioration so that, if you have the same model, just move the power cord, and when the heater showed such conditions as sometimes energized and some other time not energized by the moving, immediately pull out the power plug and shut off the power.

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5. Contact Number of Sales Agency

Customer Service Center in Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Headquarters in Metropolitan area 03 - 3424 - 9655
Kansai headquarters 06 - 451 - 3611

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