Consumer Product Safety

National Institute of Technology and Evaluation No.7

February 18, 1997

In February 17, 1997, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry exercised a hazard prevention order to Imaeda Rattan Co., Ltd. to recall the baby bed, which was made in Indonesia, and imported and sold by the Imaeda Rattan, based on the provisions under Article 35 of the Safety Law of Consumer Life Products.

If you have the following product, immediately stop using it and make contact with the store you bought it or the following importer.

Name of article baby bed (made of rattan)
Model BB-50
Produced in Indonesia
Manufactured by PT Imaeda Jatindo Rattan
Imported by Imaeda Rattan Co., Ltd.
Number of import and sales Imported 30 - 40 beds per year from 7 - 8 years ago
Sales form Mainly sold by catalog sales through retail stores in the whole country
Contact number of importer 0586-71-6134

1. Background

In a surveillance visit to a sales company in Shizuoka Prefecture, baby beds with no legal labeling thereon were found.
The survey of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry found that the appropriate importer had no recognition of the Safety Law of Consumer Life Products, got no official approval of the Class 1 Specific Products, and sold the articles with no legal labeling thereon.
When a conformity assessment for the safety standards was performed to find the nonconformity to the standard.

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2. Situations of Nonconformity to Standard

Following nonconforming items were found by the test performed based on the safety standard prescribed "Ordinance related to Safety Standard of Specific Products" under the Safety Law of Consumer Life Products.

  1. 1.There are fine splits having a possibility of hurting the hands and feet.
  2. 2.As for products with casters, though it is prescribed to take measures for preventing them from moving, the canisters have no movable prevention devices attached thereon.
  3. 3.Though it is prohibited to provide a crosspiece capable of putting the leg thereon within the height of 30cm from the upper surface of a floor slab, there are some structures capable of putting the leg thereon at the height of 10.5cm, when the floor slab is positioned in the lowest step.
  4. 4.Though the height from the upper surface of the floor slab to the top bar is prescribed to 35 cm or more, it is 29.5 cm.
  5. 5.Though the labeling of the name of the company, using attentions, etc. are obliged, there are no labeling thereon.

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3. Details of the Hazard Prevention Order

  1. 1.Inform the retail shop delivering the products to carry posters describing information such as the name of the product, the model, the photograph, the period of sales, etc. and also saying that "the baby beds were not satisfied the safety standard so as to cause an accident.Responding to the request of the purchaser, the products will be recalled and the price will be paid back.".
  2. 2.The products in stock and the recalled products shall not be sold.

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