Consumer Product Safety

Accident Information Special News No.8

March 24, 1997

The results of a trial purchase test for an baby bed showed that the baby bed manufactured by Takahashi Woodworking Company was the nonconforming product to the safety standards based on the Safety Law of Consumer Life Products so that the appropriate company and the selling agency, Kosuga Co., Ltd. have spontaneously taken actions such as recall of the appropriate product so far, however, in March 21, 1997, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry released the information so as to accelerate the recall and thoroughly inform it to the consumer.

If you have the following product, immediately stop using it and make contact to the following manufacturer or the selling company.

The appearance figure of the defective product

Brand name Baby bed "Mr. Baby King"
Model name C-807d
Lot Number
0703 0704 0705 0706 0707
9X1JA5 9Z1JA5 9Z2JA5
921JA6 931JA6 941JA6 951JA6
Manufactured by Takahashi Woodworking Company
Sold by Kosuga Co., Ltd.
Period of sales From March 1995 to June 1996
Number of beds Approximately 520
Contact number of manufacturer 0256-57-3304
Contact number of sales agency 03-3893-1178

1. Background

In June 1996, the results of the trial purchase test for the baby bed, which is the Class 1 Specific Products prescribed under the Safety Law of Consumer Life Products, performed by the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry showed that the baby bed was the nonconforming product as shown in the follows. Therefore, the nonconforming products have been recalled or components have been replaced by the manufacturer and the selling agency with the cooperation with the sales shops since June 1996, however, they could not grasp the customers yet, and the 524 products, which should be recalled or whose components should be replaced, are still left unfound.
However, the accident occurrence of the appropriate product was not reported so far.

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2. Situation of Nonconformity to Standard

Prepared holes for rag nuts for fixing a gable frame support to a front frame support and the gable frame support to a rear frame illustrated in the above are bored larger than the diameter of the nut so that the burying of the rag nut is not sufficient to cause shortage in the strength, thereby nonconforming to the safety standard (impact strength of top bar).

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3. Actions

From the viewpoint of preventing the occurrence or reoccurrence of the accident, the manufacturer and the selling agency have taken the following actions.

  1. 1.Grasping of the customer list
  2. 2.Notification to the customers purchasing the products
  3. 3.Request for preparing the customer list to the stores
  4. 4.Information document of free replacement to the customer and written confirmation

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