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Accident Information Special News 28

April 13, 2000

Calling Attention Related to Ignition Accident of Hair Drier

Cases of being ignited from power cords of household electric products are often found in the accident information collected by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry so that the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE) performed tests on the ignition accidents of the hair drier. The test results showed that there are possibilities of the smoking and ignition because the protection mechanism of a cord protector in a body connection part of the power cord is insufficient so that to contribute to the prevention of the reoccurrence of the ignition accident of the power cord, the NITE decided to provide the information of the accidents.
The Nichiei Electric Industries Co., Ltd. or the manufacturer became bankrupt so that the voluntary counterplan such as the announcement will be impossible. If you have the following products, immediately inspect it and, if there is some failure, please dispose it or repair it.
The accident occurrence situations and the accidental products are as follows.

1. Accident Occurrence Situations

When a user turned on a power switch of the hair drier, it ignited from the root part of the power cord of the body and the user was surprised at it and dropped the appropriate drier on a tatami mat to scorch the tatami mat.
When the user saw the accidental product, the coating of the root part of the power cord was molten. The accidental product was purchased in April 1992 and the user never used the product in such a state as winding the cord around the body.

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2. Accidental Product

Brand Name:
Hair Drier (Light Curly Drier)
Model Name:
HDR - 752T
Produced by:
Manufactured by:
Nichiei Electric Industries Co., Ltd.
Period of Manufacture:
Number of Production:
Number of Accident Occurrence:
1 case

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3. Origin of Accident

The cord protector in the connecting part of the power cord body has the insufficient protection mechanism as the protector and was frequently subjected to the bending and twisting stress so that, it is supposed that, the cord core wire inside the protector became a half cut state, short-circuited, and caused the ignition.
However, products identical with the accidental product could not be obtained so that the accident situation could not be reproduced.

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4. Inspection Content

The core wire inside the protector of the same type products using right now may be half cut so that, if you have the same type of drier, try to move the power cord, and if the hair drier is sometimes energized and other times unenergized, immediately pull out the power plug and turn off the power.

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5. Provision of Information

If you want detailed information on the accident origin-unfolding test, make contact to the follows.

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