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So-Called Energy Saving Ring" for Gas Range"

May 22, 2001

So-Called "Energy Saving Ring" for Gas Range (Calling Attention)

As for a device sold with a catch phrase that this device saves gas rates by being installed under a trivet of the gas range (hereinafter referred to as, "Energy Saving Ring"), National Institute of Technology and Evaluation tested it to find the following danger and call attention to the users.

1. Test Results of "Energy Saving Ring"

The following three types of the "Energy Saving Rings" were tested to confirm that carbon monoxide on a level dangerous for the human body is generated therefrom according to the using conditions.
On the other hand, the heat efficiency of the gas range was not improved by using these products.
However, there is no report of an accident using this "Energy Saving Ring."

Test Results of "Energy Saving Ring"
Tested Products External appearance
Product A Made of ceramic Refer to photograph (1)
Product B Made of stainless steel Refer to photograph (2)

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2. Call Attention to Users

If you use the above, "Energy Saving Ring," the concentration of the carbon monoxide in a room may increase according to the conditions and you may feel various symptoms such as headache and nausea, or fell unconscious. There is also a possibly it reaches such a level as causing death.
Therefore, we notify the consumers not to use these products.
If anyone has the "Energy Saving Ring" except for the aforementioned products, please stop using it and make contact with the follows.

In 1997, a person was died from carbon monoxide intoxication using the so-called"Energy Saving Trivet", which was used as a substitute for a trivet of the gas range. The Ministry of International Trade and Industry (in those days) performed a test to confirm that high concentration of the carbon monoxide is generated therefrom.
We thought that most of the "Energy Saving Trivets" were recalled, however, if you have one at hand, don't use it.

Photograph (1) Product A

Photograph (2) Product B

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