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July 23, 2001

Attentions in Handling "Aromatic Candle" (Calling Attention.)

Accident information, which was thought to be caused by an "Aromatic Candle" used for aromatherapy, was reported to the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE). The NITE was decided to inform the facts to public so as to call attention to the users.

1. Accident Cases related to the "Aromatic Candle" (based on the collection of accident information in fiscal year 2000)

  1. (1)As a result, the candle was continuously used for approximately 17 hours, the clothing storage case was melt by heat and ignited. A room in a one-room condominium was completely destroyed by fire.
  2. (2)A user didn't notice that a glass vessel (6cm in diameter and 4cm in the depth) into which a lit "Aromatic Candle" was put was fallen down and ignited to combustibles. As a result, a tatami mat was burnt and a man got burned.
  3. (3)A user put a lit "Aromatic Candle" on an aluminium foil, laid it on a TV set, and was fallen sleep so that the flame spread to combustibles such as a magazine put on the TV and a room in a one-room condominium was completely destroyed by fire.

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2. Matters Required Attention

As mentioned above, there were some cases causing fire by using the "Aromatic Candle." Therefore, if you use it, sufficiently pay attention to keep the following items.

  1. (1)Surely put off the fire, when you leave a place using the "candle" or go to sleep.
  2. (2)Select such a place where you put on the "candle" that there are no combustibles in the upper part thereof and the surrounding. Do not put it on a place easily to be fallen down by a door and a curtain and don't put it on an uneven place.
  3. (3)Use a "candle" stand made of incombustibles such as metal, glass, and ceramic and having such a shape as hardly to be fallen down.
  4. (4)The "candle" stand itself may become high temperature right before burning out and therefore, please take due care not to put it on the combustibles and not to put it on a material weak in heat such as a plastic product.
  5. (5)Carefully read the instruction and attentions attached to the product or described on the product body and use it in the right manner.

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