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July 23, 2001

Accidents of "Bicycle Pump" (Calling Attention)

Accident information that a synthetic resin grip part of a bicycle pump which was used at home was suddenly broken into two and the tip of the piston rod hit a user on the face was, reported to the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE). The NITE performed tests for the accident case and the results are as follows.

1. Accident Occurrence Situations

When the user pumped up the bicycle tire using the bicycle pump purchased several years ago, suddenly the synthetic resin grip was broken at the central part and the piston rod flew up by the pneumatic pressure and hit the user on the face. The user was injured to put two stitches in the middle of the forehead.

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2. Origins of Accident

It is the latest fashion that the grip of the bicycle is made of plastic.

The NITE performed the various tests such as the examinations of the structure of the accidental product and the external appearance of the fracture part, material analysis, and X-ray observation. As a result, a large hollow, which was supposed to be formed in manufacture, was found in the fracture part of the accidental product and a crack was gradually developed therefrom to cause the fracture.

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3. Matters Required Attention

When you find a crack in the grip part or the grip part is wobbly in using a bicycle pump, please don't use it for preventing an accident from occurring.

However, the bicycle pump with SG mark (refer to the bottom figure) attached thereto has such a structure as preventing the piston rod from flying out, even if the synthetic resin part is broken.

The bicycle pump causing this accident is as follows.

SG mark
SG mark

Product Name and Name of Company
Product Name Period of Selling Name of Company Contact Number
Bicycle Pump (CC-112C) From April to October 1997 Sagisaka Co., Ltd. 0565 - 28 - 4874

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