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Side Rail for Medical Treatment and Nursing Bed

December 26, 2001

Accidents on Side Rail for Medical Treatment and Nursing Bed (Calling Attention)

Accident information on the side rail used for preventing a person from falling off a medical treatment and nursing bed (hereinafter referred to as "side rail") was reported to the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation. To prevent such accident from happening, NITE releases the contents of the accident and call the users' attentions.

1. Accident Occurrence Situations

A patient was found dead with his neck clamped in a clearance between two side rails, which were inserted in one side of an electrically back-raising type bed used in a hospital The cause of the death was the asphyxia.

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2. Measures Taken for the Product

On the side rails dealt in by own company, the manufacturing company calls the attention to the users that a user is possibly in danger with a part of the body being clamped between the side rails and injured, as the following manners and carries the similar caution onto the Web site of the company.

  1. (1) Notifying the accident to the related facilities with business connections such as hospitals, facilities for social welfare for the aged, and health care facilities for the elderly and calling attention to the nursing and care personnel. (August 2001)
  2. (2) For preventing the similar accidents from occurring, also notifying the accident to the sales companies and rental companies, letting the persons in charge widely know the facts, and calling attention to the users of beds for the home care. (August 2001)

From October 2001, to prevent the accident from occurring, the manufacturing company also provides a device (with warning disclosure related to the use) to be fitted into the clearance formed between the side rails for the users free of charge as well as calling the attention about the aforementioned matters.

The subject product is as follows. If there is something unclear, please make contact with the following number.

product information
Name of Product Manufacture Period Name of
Contact Number
Bedside rail
(KA - 16)
(Used for the bed made by
Paramount Bed Co., Ltd.)
1972 - May 1999 Paramount Bed Co., Ltd. 0120 - 364803
(free dial)
(9:00 - 12:00,
13:00 - 17:00,
excluding Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays)

* Web site of Paramount Bed Co., Ltd.:

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