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Charging Adapter

December 27, 2001

Recall of Charging Adapter Attached to Electric Shaver

The charging adapter attached to the charging type electric shaver (sold by: Seiko S-Yard Co., Ltd.Manufactured by: Izumi Products Company) caused smoking and ignition accidents.
The companies have investigated the causes of the accidents to find that the following products may cause the smoking and the ignition so that they have recalled the appropriate products so far, however, accidents occurred from non-recalled products are still reported.To prevent an accident before occurring, the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation provides the information of the accident occurrence situations and calls attention of the users.

1. Target Products

Sold by:
Seiko S-Yard Co., Ltd.
Manufactured by:
Izumi Products Company
Target Products
Products Manufacturer's No. Numbers of adapters
Charging adapter "RC01" used in common among Seiko Shaver "ES1910", "ES1815", and "ES1810". 9D, 01, 02, 03, and 04 118,379
Charging adapter "RC41" used for Seiko Shaver "ES1395" 01, 01, 03, and 04 14,944

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2.Accident Occurrence Situations

Smoking and ignition accidents: 244 in total (as of December 17, 2001)

Fire accidents 11 cases
Products breakage and circumferential damage (including 5 cases of light burn) 213 cases

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3. Origin of Accidents

A coil of a transformer of the appropriate charging adapter caused insulation failure and when a fuse resistance was molten, the material covering the circumference, which was epoxy resin, was carbonized by heat so as to have conductivity. As a result, overcurrent continuously flows to heat the appropriate part, thereby resulting in the smoking and ignition.

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4. Measures taken by Companies

On June 6, 2000, the companies announced the accidents on the newspaper, opened a free dial, and started the campaign of the recall and free replacement.

After that, the companies had interviews with the press conference, presented the announcement in the newspapers and magazines, and started to insert a leaflet in a parcel of replaceable razor blades, which are sold as supplementary parts.

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5. Contact Number

Please check the manufacturer's number (described on the bottom) of the charging adapter attached to the appropriate electric shaver, which you are using right now. If you use the appropriate product, immediately stop using it and make contact with the following free dial.

Seiko S-Yard Co., Ltd.

Free Dial:
0120 - 120 - 643 (Accepted: from 9:00 in the morning till 5:00 in the evening)

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