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NITE Alert_58

March 31, 2003

Safety alert on the use of baby beds (baby and toddler cribs)

From 1996 to the present, six accidents associated with baby beds, including falls and finger entrapment involving the opening side have been reported to the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (no accident information cases were reported in FY2002). The investigation found that nearly half of the cases occurred because the crib's opening section was open. The industrial association has reported to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry about their actions to prevent the recurrence of similar accidents. This alert is issued to provide the details of the report and draw consumers' attention to this matter.

1. Outline of accident

  • 1)An infant fell from a crib with one side left open and suffered a grazed forehead.
  • 2)A baby caught a finger in the open side of a crib when a ten-year-old child tried to close it. The baby's finger was severed at the top joint.

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2.Safety alert

It is necessary to pay attention to the following in order to prevent the recurrence of similar accidents.

  • 1)Close the open side whenever a parent or guardian is leaving the crib:
    Be sure to close the dropping or sliding side rails whenever leaving the crib. The baby can fall from the crib when he/she crawls or rolls over on the crib, if the side rails are open.
  • 2)Do not let children to operate crib doors:
    To prevent entrapment of the baby's fingers or toes or any other body part, pay extra attention when opening the crib's opening side and do not allow children to operate the crib.

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3. Efforts taken by industrial association

In order to prevent such accidents, the industrial association, Japan Baby Bed Association, has created the following caution mark. These cautions are labeled on cribs manufactured after October 2002.

caution mark

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