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December 13, 2006

Safety Alert on Skin Entrapment with Swimming Trunks

In August 2006, the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE) obtained information on 2 cases of hospital treatment involving 6-year-old boys whose penis skin became entrapped in the mesh holes of swimming trunks lining on a day out at the seaside. This alert has been issued to warn consumers as it is believed that similar accidents can occur in the future in this particular case.

When wearing these swimming trunks, caregivers should make sure their children put on another pair of non-mesh fabric underneath. In addition, anyone who has similar trunks with mesh lining should take the same precautions, just in case.

1. Background

A boy expressed pain in his penis while bathing in the sea. A part of penis skin was found trapped in one of the holes of the mesh liner, and the protruded part formed a blister 8mm in diameter. (See image 1) Although family members tried to undress him, the boy claimed a severe pain and thus was taken to a hospital. After a sedative treatment, the fabric was cut out carefully with ophthalmic scissors. The swelling and the pain receded and the boy fully recovered.

Image 1:
affected area (supplied by informant)

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2. Investigation Summary

A mesh fabric (mesh hole diameter: 1.8mm X 2.5mm) is used for trunks lining (see image 2). It is presumed that a part of penis skin came through one of the holes in the mesh, and became trapped. As the elastic mesh fabric expanded and contracted due to the movements of the wearer, etc, the trapped skin consequently formed a blister too large to be removed through the gap in the mesh. Factors that may influence potential recurrence such as temperature differences between sea water and external air have not been identified.

Image 2:
trunks which caused the incident (supplied by informant)
Image 3:
mesh fabric and the label (label face/backside)

560 pairs of these trunks have been sold since March 2002 is sizes 90cm and 95cm. Please check your product against the label shown.

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National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE)
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