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NITE Alert_76

December 22, 2006

Electric Heater (Halogen Heater) Imported and Distributed
by Yu Corporation -Second Report

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The National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE) announced on December 15, a safety alert for electric heaters (halogen heaters) imported and distributed by Yu Corporation in Gifu. Due to its bankruptcy, the company is no longer able to take corrective actions for consumers. Retailers listed below will conduct a voluntary recall for the units they have sold.

1. Product detail

Product name:
Halogen heater
Para energy YH-8000(B)
Made in:
South Korea
Imported by:
Yu Corporation
Period of sales:
around September - December 2002


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2. Contact of retailers conducting voluntary recall

(sold at Gigas, current name: K's Denki)
Valor Co., Ltd
(sold at Fujiya Home Center, current name :Home Center Valor)
Home Expo Co., Ltd.
(sold at Sakakiya Home Center & Home Expo, current name: Home Expo)

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3.Reminder to users

If you own or use the above electric heater, please stop using the product immediately as there is a potential ignition risk.

Fore more information;
National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE)
Product Safety Technology Center, Product Safety Investigation Division

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