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December 22, 2006

Electric Heaters Recall Information and Precautions for Use

According to the research implemented by the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE), 138 cases of smoking or ignition accidents involving electric heaters occurred in FY2005. 39 models of electric heaters are currently under recall by 16 companies. However, overhaul and replacement procedures have not made substantial progress. A list of recalled products has been compiled for consumers to identify whether their units are subject to recall. Users of recalled models should stop using the product immediately and contact the respective agents where contact details (toll free numbers) are given. Precautions for use of electric heaters are also provided to prevent common fire occurrence as multiple accidents, such as ignition, caused by these products occur every year.

1. List of recalled products

A list of previous recalled products is available on the NITE website.

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2. Precautions for use of electric heaters

Improper use of electric heaters or carelessness may pose fire hazards. This is not just limited to recalled products, but electric heaters in general. The following precautions should be kept in mind when using electric heaters.

  1. (1) Always turn the heater off at bedtime. Unplug whenever leaving home.
    A fire broke out from bed clothing which came into contact with a heater when the user rolled over while asleep.
  2. (2) Do not use heater near combustibles such as bedclothes or curtains.
    A fire broke out when a newspaper came into contact with an electric heater.
  3. (3) Do not hang laundry or clothes on or above heater.
    A towel, hung out to dry, fell on a heater and caught fire.
  4. (4) Carefully read the instructions in the operational manual and the precautions labeled on the products and use the product accordingly.

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