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September 6, 2007

Alert on Sandal Entrapment Accidents on Escalators

On August 28, 2007, a child fractured a toe after a sandal became entrapped in escalator steps. NITE has received 39 accident reports on similar cases, including 6 cases with minor toe injuries. This alert has been issued to call on consumers to take extra caution when wearing sandals on escalators.

1.Outline of the accident

On August 28, a sandal worn by a child became entrapped in a gap between the escalator steps and the side skirt. The child was seriously injured, suffering a broken third toe and the loss of three toenails. NITE has received 39 reports of similar cases between the end of August and the beginning of September of this year. These accidents are all related to sandals becoming entrapped in escalators; 6 cases involved human injury (minor toe injuries) while the remaining 33 cases only involved the partial entrapment of sandals with no human injuries.

[Case examples]

Case 1:
A sandal worn by a 2 year-old became entrapped in escalator steps, which resulted in lacerations of the left big toe and second toe. (June 23, 2007, Aichi Prefecture)
Case 2:
A 2 to 3 year-old child suffered an abrasion after the tip of a sandal became entrapped in an escalator side skirt. (August 8, 2007, Fukuoka Prefecture)
Case 3:
A child of unknown age suffered injuries to the left leg after a sandal became entrapped in escalator steps. (August 11, 2007, Kanagawa Prefecture)

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2.Consumer alert:

There have been frequent accidents linked to sandals getting caught in escalators. This alert is to remind consumers to be sure to stand in the middle of the step when riding escalators and avoid touching the edges with sandals where entrapment can occur.

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