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November 21, 2007

Safety Alert on accidents linked to electric heaters

A number of smoking and ignition accidents involving electric heaters are reported every year.Last winter, NITE called for consumers' attention with two issues of NITE Alert; No.72 about “Malfunction of electric heaters with remote controls" on November 15, 2006 and No.77 about “Recall information and precautions for use" dated December 22, 2006. With the approach of winter, the frequency of electric heater use is set to increase.This alert is issued to urge consumers to take extra caution when operating electric heaters.

Recall information on electric heater

Last year, NITE provided a list of the recalled products related to electric heaters in NITE Alert No.77. Since then, additional recalls have been conducted by various manufacturers. The list of recalled products has been updated for consumers to identify if their units are subject to recall (appendix 1). Users of the recalled models should immediately stop using them and contact the respective agents listed.
Users of the heaters below, which are not recalled for reasons such as company bankruptcy, should also discontinue using the products. Retailers of the two products below will conduct voluntary recalls for the units they have sold. See appendix 2 for the details.

  • Halogen heaters, model:Pana-energy YH-8000(B) imported and distributed by YU Co.
    Problem: A heater generated abnormal heat and ignited due to a defect in the rectifier.
  • Halogen heaters, model:Original far-infrared Halogen Heater SUN-801Ci and SUN-801D, imported and distributed by Daio International Japan.
    Problem: A glass heating tube burst into pieces while in use, and burnt some parts of the floor.

In addition, the following products had been recalled by respective manufacturers; however, they are unable to continue recalls due to bankruptcy or dissolution. Consumers should refrain from using these products.

  • Oil heater, model: SOH-1200L by M & M Co. Problem: The resin part of a control panel was burned out due to a wiring defect of the oil heater.
  • Carbon heater, model: S-600CM, S-700CL by Sogo Giken Co. Problem: Glass heater tubes can rupture.
  • Halogen heater, model: BRE-800H by Daio International Japan Co. Problem: A failure with the power shutdown switch.
  • Halogen heater, model: CHL-801 by Fujiko Co. Problem: May generate heat or smoke due to an imperfect contact with the connecter.

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Malfunction of electric heaters with remote controls

Following the NITE Alert No.72 on malfunctioning electric heaters with remote controls, NITE has received some reports from users whose electric heaters were operated unintentionally by remote controls for other electric appliances such as TVs.

NITE has confirmed the following case examples. Users of the listed heaters should refrain from locating the plugged heaters near combustibles such as curtains, etc. Hazards are not only limited to the listed products. Always unplug any electric heaters with remote controls. In consideration of the results of product safety tests performed by NITE with the purchased samples, the technical standards for electric heaters, outlined in the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law, have been revised. The wireless remote controls of electric heaters with visible red-hot heating elements may no longer have a power-ON/OFF function.

NITE confirmed malfunctions of the following heaters:

  • 1.Halogen heater SKJ-F82HR, manufactured by SK Japan Co.,was switched on when using a remote control for a DVD surround sound amplifier to turn up the volume, ADV-1000 by DENON Co.
  • 2.Halogen heater HR-800, manufactured by Yamazen Corporation, oscillated when the remote control of a LCD television, LC-20C3-S by SHARP Co., was used to change channels.
  • 3.Halogen heater HA-80HP, manufactured by Amani Co., was switched between low and high power output when a remote control for a color television, KV-DS-55 by SONY Co., was used to lower volume.
  • 4.Carbon heater EST-KH803R, manufactured by Matsuki Giken Co., malfunctioned, switching between power output settings or activating a timer, when changing channels with a TV remote control for RC-450 by SANYO Electric Co.

Also, the following companies are calling for consumers attention on their web sites.

  • SONY Corporation
  • SHARP Corporation
  • IRON Co Ltd
  • CIC Corporation (Distributed by YAMADA DENKI Co Ltd)
  • OHM Electric Inc

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Precautions in using electric heaters

The improper use of electric heaters or carelessness may pose fire hazards. This is not just limited to recalled products.
The following precautions should be kept in mind when using electric heaters.

  1. (1) Always turn the heaters off and unplug at bedtime or whenever leaving home.
    Case: A fire broke out from bed clothing which came into contact with a heater when the user rolled over while asleep.
  2. (2) Do not use heaters near combustibles such as bedclothes or curtains.
    Case: A fire broke out when a newspaper came into contact with a heater.
  3. (3) Do not hang laundry or clothes on or above heaters.
    Case: A towel, hung out to dry, fell on the heater and caught fire.
  4. (4) Carefully read the instructions in the operational manual and the precautions labeled on the products and use the product accordingly.
  5. (5) Stop using a heater immediately and contact the manufacturer if you notice any abnormality.

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