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NITE Alert_86

March 12, 2008

Safety Alert on Electric Heaters (Halogen Heaters)
Imported and Distributed by Daio International Japan

The National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE) called for consumers'attention to discontinue use of electric heaters (halogen heaters) imported and distributed by Daio International Japan Co., Ltd. with two issues of the “NITE Alert," No.78 (January 18, 2007) and No.83 (November 21, 2007). Following a series of accident reports, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) conducted an investigation in view of administrative instruction. However the company could not be reached at the registered address and was therefore unable to take corrective actions for consumers. Accident information continues to be reported to NITE involving other models of halogen heaters imported and distributed by Daio International, and some of them are under investigation. NITE, once again, alerts consumers to stop using these products as they may pose similar hazards.

1. Product details

Product details
Model number Prefecture Date of accident Country of production Summary
Halogen Ceramic
Far Infrared Heater
Hokkaido Dec 20, 2006 Unknown A heater was burned at the back of the upper body. A part of the insulating coat was found caulked with the core wire at the crimping terminal where the heater lead wires were connected. This supposedly triggered a contact failure and heat generation, and consequently burned the resin body cover.
Iwate Dec 27, 2007 Unknown A heater emitted smoke a while after it was turn on. The cause is under investigation.
Hokkaido Mar 5, 2008 Unknown A user noticed a sudden burning odor a few minutes after turning the heater on. The exterior resin was found melted at the neck part.
The cause is under investigation.
Home best Heater
Aichi Nov 29, 2007 Unknown A user noticed a bad smell a few minutes after turning a heater on. The heater emitted smoke from the rear body.
The cause is under investigation. The crimping sleeve of the lead wire, which connects the heater and the power source, was connected poorly. The heightened resistance supposedly generated heat which burned through the cover.
Osaka Jan 20, 2008 Unknown The cause is under investigation. The lead wire, connecting the heater and the power source, was poorly connected at the crimping sleeve. The ignition was supposedly caused by a heightened contact resistance due to the above failure, which generated heat.
Halogen Bio Ceramic
Far-infrared Heater
Kagoshima December 2007 China A heater ignited while being used in a living room. Some burned parts fell off and seared the floor.
The cause is under investigation.
Kagoshima January 2008 China A heater made a noise while in use. The frame burned and became deformed.
The cause is under investigation.
Aichi Jan 29, 2008 China The heating part of the heater suddenly burs into flame 10 minutes after turning the heater on, and the glass heater tube burst.
The cause is under investigation.
(No remote controlled)
Hiroshima Nov 7, 2006 China A heater lamp burst and burned the floor the moment a consumer plugged it in. .
Okinawa Dec 28, 2006 A glass pipe burst suddenly after using the heater for about 5 minutes in the living room. The scattered piece pierced consumer's clothing and burned the arm. The floor and cushions were also scorched.
Okinawa Dec 31, 2006 A heater lamp burst in pieces after using the heater in the oscillating mode, and burned a tatami mat.
Okinawa Jan 13, 2007 A heater lamp stopped lighting up after emitting sparks
SUN-801D (remote controlled)
same as above in appearance
Okinawa Jan 11, 2007 China A heater lamp stopped lighting up after emitting sparks.
Halogen Ceramic
Far-Infrared Heater
Aichi Mar 23, 2007 South Korea A heater generated a flame of about 15 centimeters high at the back during use it in a two-story wooden house. A fasten terminal in the connector (connecting the circuit board and a heater wire) supposedly generated heat due to a contact failure.The melted bulkhead in the connector housing presumably triggered a short circuit between the fasten terminals, which ignited fire from the connector.
  • * Photos not available
Okayama Feb 15, 2007 Unknown The glass in the center of a heater made an explosive sound and burst into pieces when a user turned it on. The accident cause remains uninvestigated as the actual product was unobtainable.
Halogen Ceramic
Far-Infrared Heater
Kumamoto Feb 11, 2008 Unknown A user inspected a heater as it was not working right, and found a connector on the printed-circuit board was burned.
The cause is under investigation.

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2. Product subject to the previous voluntary recall by the company

The company issued an announcement of a voluntary recall of the model below on ovember 5, 2003.Users of the subject model are also advised to stop using them.

Model: Halogen Heater BRE-800H
Reason for the recall: A defect was found in the power shutdown safety switch (fall-over safety switch) which meant that the power would not be shut off when the lamp fell over.

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